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Access the secrets of a 3-step process to successfully writing every day

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Becoming an aspiring writer or wanting to better your writing habit can sometimes be tough to maintain. It can feel so daunting when you’re just staring at the blank screen (or page), struggling to write!

There becomes a long list of excuses to pick from, a lack of motivation, a…


Here’s how your evening routine can impact your day.

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Planning for the following day, the night before is one of my favourite productivity strategies.

It’s something so simple yet so effective.

When you add daily planning into your workflow, you notice the difference in how productive you are but have you ever tried this the night before?

Planning is essential in everything you do.

Once you…

Dominate your life-work balance by taking control of your mornings.

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How you start your morning does matter, but not in the way that many self-help guides are telling us.

Here are 3 myths and misconceptions that I’ve experienced through building my own morning routine:

“You’ve never had a morning routine”

That’s incorrect — you already have one… it just may not be how you want it. Try to change an existing habit and build a powerful routine around that to help jump start your day.


If remote working is your long-term lifestyle choice, invest in your setup.

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Living in a time where technology enables us to work from anywhere, it’s important to ensure that you’ve got a setup that is best for you.

A working set-up that supports your posture is key!

It’s common for Digital Nomads to travel light, often trying to justify a laptop is…


The classic question as winter approaches “what’s your favourite season?”

Photo by Atle Mo on Unsplash

Always a question that pops up when winter approaches.

Most people then start to moan once winter is on the way. Summer attire is officially packed away and winter jumpers have come out to play.

My mum has officially swapped her “summer bag” to her winter bag (yep, I had…


Not only is the nomad community growing in Porto but the coffee culture is too

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Choosing to become a digital nomad is growing to be a popular lifestyle. Travelling whilst working remotely allows people to explore the world with the freedom to earn an income whilst living anywhere. I’ve been living this way since 2018 and never looked back. …

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