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Access the secrets of a 3-step process to successfully writing every day

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Becoming an aspiring writer or wanting to better your writing habit can sometimes be tough to maintain. It can feel so daunting when you’re just staring at the blank screen (or page), struggling to write!

There becomes a long list of excuses to pick from, a lack of motivation, a…


Work remotely from a co-working space or stay in the comfort of your own home — here’s a list of pros & cons for you to decide.

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When working remotely, we often feel comfortable working from our own home (or our RemoteBase) and our well-defined routine almost makes us feel that if we were to work outside in co-work, we wouldn’t be anywhere near as productive as we are at home, in our own space. …


Flexible working means many different things to us all — what does it mean to you?

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Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a rise in remote working, and with that, we’ve seen a change, for the better, of companies flexible working policies.


It’s become a common mindset that we aim to now live to work instead of work to live; remote working allows us to do just that.

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Is your future remote?

Many offices are left wondering how to plan for a post-pandemic future. Many companies planning to use the hybrid model where employees' time is spent part working in the office and part working from home, whilst others have already decided to take the leap to go full remote.

Make your days better with these awesome morning routine hacks.

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I know… life is busy. Mornings are often crazy and let’s be honest — do we ever stick to the same perfect morning routine every single day?

What is your morning routine like — Do you journal? Enjoy a coffee walk in the sun? Practise Yoga? This is starting to…

Here’s to more sustainable journeys, exploring new places and making new friends along the way.

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One of the best ways to keep our hearts full, minds busy and perspectives open is to travel — however, thanks to the pandemic, it’s clear we’ll all be travelling cautiously for a while longer, but…

I still intend to travel throughout 2022.

I’m ready to prioritise that sense of…

With lines blurred more than ever — here's how to strike a healthy work-life balance for those who work remotely.

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It’s a common struggle for us remote workers to strike a healthy work-life balance because the lines are more blurred than ever before.

However, we should be prioritizing our work-life balance, making it a key part of our daily self-care!

Juggling responsibilities of work, home, relationships, the family, can be…

Here’s how to focus your attention, avoid distraction and strike a balance between productivity and the comforts of your own home.

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With High-speed WiFi and connectivity all over the world means we can work from anywhere, allowing you to have an ‘office’ wherever you want.

From bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens to cafes and co-works spaces — this is a list of just a few spaces we’ve all been able to…

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