Secrets Of Living In Airbnbs Full-Time.

Through the use of Airbnb, I have the ability to call anywhere, my home.

Samantha Scott
4 min readOct 4, 2021


Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

I have the ability to call anywhere in the entire world my home and it’s a great feeling.

I’ve been living in Airbnbs since 2018 and it’s the most amazing lifestyle. I look back at my previous years and wonder why I never thought about living this way sooner.

I travel full time with my partner Chris & since 2018, we’ve lived and worked across 4 continents and I’ve lost count of how many Airbnb's we’ve been able to call home.

Living in Airbnb has taught us a lot.

It’s taught us how to adapt our lifestyles to the culture and people around us.

It’s taught us a lot about the long-term accommodation prices and how to find great discounted apartments.

It’s taught us that although the idea of living in Airbnb is still perceived as an unconventional way to live… for us, it’s the best way to live.

Why do I live in Airbnbs?

Being location independent, I would much rather stay in apartments than hotels or hostels…



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